Education Services

The Philadelphia Chamber Brass offers a wide variety of educational programming to a diverse range of ages and musical abilities – from Kindergarten to University.  Our presentations include residencies and mini-residencies, teaching/ensemble coaching, community engagement programs, collaborations with musicians of all ages and ability levels, and seminars.


Services include master classes; chamber music coaching; composer forums/reading sessions; lecture demonstrations; business of music seminars; “How to Practice” seminars; “Performance Anxiety” seminars; outreach concerts at community centers, for seniors and the disabled, as well as school/children’s concerts.  This extended type of residency is suitable for the Collegiate level, but can also be tailored to younger audiences as well.


In the Mini-Residency program we offer the same services that we offer in our full Residency programs, but in a much shorter period of time – from three days to a work week worth of programming.

During a typical Mini-Residency, the residency will end with a formal performance by the Philadelphia Chamber Brass.

These services are tailored to the needs and resources of the community and presenting institution.

Open Rehearsals

Open Rehearsals provide students and audience members to hear the Philadelphia Chamber Brass at work.  All are encouraged to participate in the rehearsal by asking questions as if they were performing in the ensemble with us.

Instruction / Coaching

The Philadelphia Chamber Brass offers personalized instruction in a public forum for brass players of all abilities.  Our coaching also explores and constructively critiques performances by all instrumentalists of all ages.  Performance demonstrations are offered to help discover more effective methods of rehearsing and performing.

Please take a moment and fill out our Contact / Booking page to inquire about any of the services we offer.